Thursday, February 07, 2013

Shameless Plug !!!

You may remember - or not (!!) ... a few weeks ago, when Mrs Smiffy went down to old London town for a few days  of work (and I indulged in an orgy of football, rock DVDs and alcohol - if I remember rightly) ...

Well ... she went out herself on an orgy of Spanish food and (expensive London-priced) wine - and managed to lose an earring on the night.  However - on the return to "oop North", a phone call was made to said restaurant - a promise to "have a look" was made - and - RESULT - earring found - and yesterday said ear piece finally arrived back in Mossley.

So - it's a big up to Tapas Brindisa London Bridge - tell 'em Mrs Smiffy sent you ... and make sure your butterflys are suitably secured ...

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Anonymous said...

I do work at ABTA near Borough Market so may pop in. Might even donate a Mossley scarf for behind the bar (or is not that sort of place?)