Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stalybridge Celtic v Worcester City

Bit busy for a Saturday work-wise, but managed to get up to Bower Fold in time for a quick pre-match snifter - until this new club is built I'm afraid I have to remain a "Peroni-lout" - sorry but the keg bitter does nothing for me !).

Strange game really - all Worcester for the first 45 one cleared off the line and one rebounding off the bar ... Celtic certainly improved somewhat in the second period (substitutions perchance ?? I think so), but following a period of sustained pressure by the home team - which helped to warm up a rather docile crowd - it was a case of "smash and grab" as Worcester grabbed two goals in the last 10 minutes ... which I guess in the overall scheme of things they probably deserved.   Pictures from the game at

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Worcester City 2

Same old problems for Celtic I'm afraid - a touch too much reliance on the long ball up front - not the greatest plan when the solitary man is somewhat diminutive and surrounded by six-footers !  As I said the second half bucked up a bit with some more direct stuff on the floor but ... clear-cut chances were certainly at a premium.  The play-offs are edging further and further away ...

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