Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ashton United v Matlock Town

... and so the "binge football week" continued - despite these silly o'clock starts so far this week I'm still hanging in there (candles, both ends etc comes to mind - but strangely enough us old gits can do it just as well - if not better - than the young 'uns I reckon).

So ... got up to Hurst Cross in fairly good time (i.e. didn't miss a first minute goal - because there wasn't one !) - and then watched what I thought was a fairly even first half between one team apparently "decimated" (viz Ashton) and another team struggling in league and struggling for players (good to meet Rico from Matlock last night - not seen him for a while - probably since the last time Matlock were at Hurst Cross ... and for all those Ashton fans - it would be he that wrote the report !!).

To me ... a pretty even first half - one decent chance each  - Thomas Moore hitting the bar for Ashton from a free-kick and Lavelle White missing an absolute sitter for the visitors (obviously not comfy with his left foot - therefore off balance and off target).  Pressure told in the end - and Ashton started to dominate while Matlock got frustrated and niggly - and grumbly - which didn't help their cause.  Ashton took the lead from what I saw as a "soft" penalty (although those much closer have disagreed - Hawkeye wouldn't have helped either would it ??).  Once in front there was no turning back ... and the second goal (apparently a rarity for Ashton defender Alex Frost !!) put the seal on it.  Pictures from the night at

Ashton United 2 Matlock Town 0

... and that's pretty much it for midweek football for me - two "real" games, plus United/City on Monday - can't complain !!

Work - well in at 0645hrs this morning to find the guy who WAS off sick (if you can call "the snip" sick !) had turned in !! Hey ho - I've booked the overtime anyway (and will be keeping an eye on next week's pay slip to make sure I get it - if you don't get told, you turn up anyway ... and what with the extra half-walk I'd promised to do, it was a long-ish day - but all done now ... and a bit of a lie-in tomorrow !

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