Friday, April 26, 2013

Stalybridge Celtic v Oxford City

... a rare Thursday night football gig ... although thinking it through, it was rather nice of them to do same as I would have been unavailable for any football on Tuesday night (!!).

What a cracking first half it was as well - Stalybridge getting back to the "good old ways" of moving it around on the floor - and being incisive around the box - two good goals - OK the second was a belter that no-one could have expected (my excuse for missing it !) apart from Adam Pepper himself ... but 2-0 up and coasting by half-time.

Unfortunately that WAS the problem ... the second half saw Celtic "coasting" ... IMHO they seemed to treat it as a training session.  BIG mistake.  Taking into account that they (Celtic) had no goalie (outfielder Jordan Barrow donned the gloves etc) they should have been a touch more careful ... at 85 minutes still 2-0 ... at 90+whatever it was 2-2 ... OK it was one of those "mid-table nowt to play for" type games, but it certainly was two points binned in the end - blame substitutions, blame over-confidence, blame ... whatever ... but it was a helluva waste of a good 45 ...  on the positive side, that first half should do a lot to dispel the doubters about Celtic - it's all in there somewhere; they just need to be more consistent.  Anyway some pictures from the game at

Stalybridge Celtic 2 Oxford City 2

New camera DID arrive yesterday (OK I had to go down to the PO to pick it up - even us posties get the "red cards" !!!) - but obviously the battery needed charging so - as yet - not used.  However tonight's jobbie is check out all the new buttons - attach the official "Six Tame Sides" camera strap to it - and take it for a run-out tomorrow (Ashton United v Whitby Town is the game of choice).  Fingers will be truly crossed for Mossley (away at Harrogate RA) - three points is a MUST, whilst praying for a "result" 'twixt Ramsbottom United and Trafford - hard to work out which is best for Mossley ... all on 40 games (i.e. two games left) ... Mossley on 74 points, Rammy on 76 points , Trafford on 77 points ... you work it out.  Plus it would be nice if Cammell Laird "blew up" - they've got the "game in hand" - they're playing lowly Wakefield tomorrow.  New Mills I'd pretty much guarantee have their play-off place safe.  To be honest though, it's perm any 2 from 3 (Mossley, Rammy, Trafford) for the play-off spots.

Talking of Ashton United ... it's a "big up" to Ashton United snapper Jez ... if you get to see a copy of the "Tameside Advertiser" this week, there's a cracking picture on the back page courtesy of Jez ... and for those who can't ... here's a copy of same:

"Game on" tomorrow at Hurst Cross ... in more ways than one !!!

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