Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ashton United v Whitby Town

So - for the second time in two days a team looking comfy concede late on.  Slightly different insofar as Stalybridge were 2-0 with minutes to go - and Ashton were 2-1 up with minutes to go - but why let pedantry get in the way of a snappy opening line !!!

Nice sunny start at Hurst Cross on Saturday - however it was the visitors who took an early lead.  However the lead lasted less than ten minutes when a Matty Burke effort to a deflection on its way past the Whitby 'keeper.  Ashton took the lead on the hour mark when good work from Matty Kosylo left Chris Amadi with the simplest of touches.  That seemed to be enough for the home side ... until two minutes from time when Whitby fashioned an equaliser.  Pictures from the game at

Ashton United 2 Whitby Town 2

Hmm ... pictures ... first effort with the new camera - and true to form it was pretty much "out of the box and into the ground" - probably NOT a good idea in retrospect.  It didn't take me long to realise that the focussing options on the 7d are "a touch different" to those of the old 50D !!!  Hence you'll see from the pics a rather blurry effort for the first goal (second goal - or lack of - was a more normal excuse ... I was in the loo !!!!).  Still - not bad for starters I suppose - and if it DOES come down to play-offs for Mossley, hopefully I'll know what I'm doing by then (supresses hoots of laughter).

Play-offs - Mossley kept their chances of sneaking back into the frame with a very very late winner at Harrogate yesterday.  This coupled with Trafford's 2-1 defeat by Ramsbottom means that now it's definitely perm any 2 from 3.  Mossley and Trafford on 77 points (Trafford with a 14 goal advantage though) and Rammy on 79 (again with a superior goal difference to Mossley).  Final league games next Saturday see Mossley at home to Harrogate, Ramsbottom away at Champions Skelmersdale and Trafford at home to Clitheroe ... Sky TV could not have dreamed up a better "last day" ...

Straight home after footy yesterday - we had visitors - and today went out for an eight-miler around Wye Dale, Millers Dale and Tideswell.  Took new camera - but attached clunky old faithful Tokina 19-35mm lens just for the hell of it - had chance to play around with the focussing a little bit - but it's not football so it's different anyway - just a few pics from today at

Wye Dale Walk - 28Apr13

Large lump of brisket went into the slo-cooker before we left (one of my three winnings from last Sunday's "Meat Draw" at the "Britannia" !!) with some veg and a large slug of red wine - very nice too !! Bath, telly, today's pics - and now this ...

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