Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ashton United v Stocksbridge Park Steels

... or part thereof !!

From Thursday onwards I've been doing an extra "half walk" - which means money in pocket but much later finish - and despite Saturday being a slighter "lighter day" I knew I wasn't going finish in time for a 1500hrs kick-off (the car was still in Wales as well - avec Mrs Smiffy).

Finally made it up to Hurst Cross in time for the second half - Ashton were 2-1 down (a couple of "gifts" I was reliably informed.  Still making the most of a bad job out came the camera for 45 minutes ... now I can't remember whether or not I've mentioned it over the last few weeks ... but it's been starting to misbehave in the shutter department - the little "half press" focusses OK but then when going for the "full press" it has occasionally NOT been responding.  It has got steadily worse until ... yesterday ... when ... AAARRRGGHHH ... it was almost like using a little compact - by the time I got the damn thing to work the action was long past at times ... plus the home team lost as well ... only a few poor pictorial efforts from the game at

Ashton United 2 Stocksbridge Park Steels 3

So - what to do ???  Any kind of repair jobbie may take a week or three - and it's not exactly the "best time of the season" to be without is it ?  Bullets may once again need to be bitten - and pretty sharpish too as next midweek we have Mossley at home on Tuesday and a Cheshire Senior Cup Final on Wednesday - and then a real "biggie" for Mossley next Saturday (at home to Ramsbottom United who are "up there" chasing the play-offs). Eeek !!

Spent today whizzing up and down the M60/M61/M6 ... a trip up to Lancaster to reunite a cat with its "proper owner" - Rollo is now in Mossley at large boy's place.  Got stuck in a jam on the M61 near Chorley - must have been serious as when we got to "the spot", the air ambulance was parked on the opposite carriageway.  Got there late and despite whizzing home with no delays I also managed to miss the majority of the City/Chelsea Cup semi ... I only hope the chicken (in the oven for tonight's tea) doesn't give us all food poisoning ...

It's been that kind of week-end ...

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