Sunday, April 07, 2013

There's More to Life than Football (Attention ALL Picture Editors out there !!)

Old BigHead is back - and  why the hell not ???

Starting to pull together some of my better (IMHO !) pictures together into one easy folder (in between watching AC/DC live at the River Plate Stadium) ... so if you know anyone with a juicy little photographic jobbie out there ... just point them in this direction ...

My "Portfolio"

As I said ... "started to pull together" ... it involves remembering the good stuff - and then finding it !!!  I've a couple of external hard drives full of stuff - not exactly "needle in a haystack" style - but there IS a helluva lot going back over the last three/four years so I'll be adding to it as I find it/remember it... probably continuing over this week as we're back to that old "Mrs Smiffy is away" type thing (e.g. time on my hands in between bingeing out on football !!!).

... if only to prove  ... "There's more to life than just football" - but up to now I've concentrated more on the non-football side of stuff

Please be assured this is not a desperate plea to get out of Royal Mail - cus (unlike some) I AM loving it - but if an opportunity came along ... would YOU turn it down ???

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