Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FA Vase Final Pix now up ...

... well a goodly selection anyway .. enjoy what you can - in total all day (0645 - 2200) I took just under 300 pix - and some of them were on baby Fuji. The two guys next to me in the "snapper lounge" after the game reckoned they'd done 1200+ between them - of just the game ! I say get a video camera !!

Glossop NE 0 Whitley Bay 2

Should say more now - what a great day out ! Spoke to a number of "Hillmen" (and women) after the game, on the train home etc. and they all concurred .. wrong result but - hey "once in a lifetime" ? Maybe not - greed should kick in now as in "same again next year" ..

Personally, I was treated like a king from arrival at 1300 to depature at about 1700 - possibly for me a "once in a lifetime" trip into media heaven (no way would I get in to an FA Cup Final - I bet it's bedlam in the media area for the big games) - and what a a fantastic stadium as well. My first time at the "new" Wembley - and certainly my first time "legally pitchside" (here I should talk quietly about the 1979 FA Trophy Final when I scaled the fences, kissed the turf in the goalmouth - and got chucked out - but it might affect any future applications - I was very young (22 ?) and stupid then !) - as I said in an earlier post, quite awe-inspiring when you walk out - so respect to the players who actually had to "do a bit" while I sat on my a*se going "click" !!

I've got so much more to say about Sunday - but I STILL haven't really had the time to sit down properly and write it all out (trust me I WILL) - last night being the Vodkat League Cup Final being the reason for the delay - and I'm sure there are some saying "Where's the bl**dy New Mills pix ?? SLACKER !!".

I'm getting there - and for those still looking ... Saturday brings a game - Stockport Georgians v Pennington in the Manchester League (note 1400 kick-off).

Tomorrow - the New Mills/Runcorn pix .....

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Mrs D said...


You have some great pictures. Looks like you really enjoyed your day. Good job with the blog...

Mrs D