Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mossley join the "In the Doo Doo" Club ...

... not to be outdone by Hyde (£200,000 down), Stalybridge (2 sponsors down) and Stafford Rangers (£50k down) and Kings Lynn (going down - today's apeal fell on deaf ears apparently - pathetic really!) ... Mossley announce (or not actually - tis all gossip, hearsay, conjecture,b*ll*x - not unlike work !!!) Chairman resigns and Company Secretary and Commercial Manager resign - last two apparently on the grounds of "ill health" - well that's the "official unofficial statement" anyway..

Just while I think of something else to wobble on about, try this link ....

Attendance Details 2008/09 (courtesy Kings Lynn)

Today's "State of the Nation" meeting at work .... I came out ... still in employment ... not much else to say really - although the phrase "possibly no pay review" touched a nerve - a department of 10 - now down to 4 - computer systems/development/support is still required whether you're an office of 1,00 or 100, and if I'm "theoretically" covering mine and three "redundant" jobs (that aren't redundant !), I WILL be looking for some renumeration benefit - else they may find "zero" people covering four jobs ... we shall see.

Until then I will keep dragging myself in ... I have a big Quality Street tin full of 1p/2p coins with "My Pension" stuck on the top - you may laugh !?!?

Oh yes I did watch most of "that game" last night - and I've not yet met a Red who hasn't said "best team won"/"we were poor" etc etc - a refreshing change - even "Taggart" has left his "list of excuses" firmly in his sporran - I mean how can a Messi "little dwarf" beat highly paid (and 100% fit ???) Rio £erdinand in the air ?? naturally the jokes have poured in via e-mail and txt (open-top bus reversing into the garage - welder to put top on - floods in Liverpool - you know 'em all I'm sure).

Just hope "eco-Stuart" has made it home - he went by train (he'll probably be fine until he gets to Dover when it will all go pear-shaped !)

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