Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saddleworth CC v Droylsden CC

... you were expecting Everton v Chelsea perchance ?

No - when Mrs Smiffy and our Michelle announced their intentions to go down to "big Manc" on Saturday p.m., it confirmed my desire to give cricket a chance .. I've still got this dobbing great 170-500mm lens on "long term loan" and it doesn't get out that often. With it being an f5-f6.3 a bright sunny day is perfick for the smallish aperture.

So .. I walked up to Saddleworth Cricket Club (stopping only at the Woodend Tavern for a glass of Shaws "Golden Globe" - when Neil - Shaws brewer - sticks to a tried a tested recipe - it's good !). Arrived at the cricket at about 1505 - straight into the bar to see handpumps offering Thwaites "Original", Thwaites "Wainwright" - ooh and Everton 1-0 up on the telly !! Wainwright in hand, I sloped off outside to give the lens a bit of a chance - there's also a few "scenery shots" taken with the 28-105 ... check out

Saddleworth CC v Droylsden CC

...come out quite well - particularly the "stumping" piccy.... Saddleworth got 271 for not many, and when I left, Droylsden were in trouble at 50-odd for 6 - some further checking shows they ended up 109 all out - for further details see:

Saddleworth League results from yesterday

A quiet (?) evening in - and early barbie/drink today (our friend Luke was - or will be soon - 21) .. and then home to this.

News on Mossley AFC ?? The silence was deafening ......................

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