Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Money Money Money ...

... or lack of ... we all know what's occurring locally - Hyde United's winding up order (put off for six weeks - £200,000 apparently), Stalybridge Celtic lose their main sponsor ( Cuticura - I've told Mrs Smiffy to buy other products !) - money is going to be well tight at the Conference level so God help those below (including Mossley - to put it bluntly - and I do NOT wish to offend - we need more deaths locally - if you don't get it , check out Mossley's main sponsor - you'll understand).

The whole money business means that all the promotion/relegation/play-off stuff starts to become totally bloody meaningless. Look at Curzon Ashton - beaten by Newcastle Blue Star who are now in the sh*t and unlikely to start next season. A few years ago, we were enthralled by the North/South divide / "club shuffle" when it came to promotion/relegation (of course with a added soupcon of "ground grading") - now it's a question of going bust/going into administration (oops there goes 10 points) - with still the ridiculous "ground grading" rules - look at Kings Lynn - funding in order via council who decide to wait until close season - not good enough apparently - they'll laugh that one out in court if it gets that far !!!

What's brought this up tonight for me is that - at a meeting tonight - Stafford Rangers have announced that unless they pay a £50k bill before early July, they're in admin - yes there are other (substantial) debts, but that's the killer - £50k .. three days wages for Christiano Ronaldo - two years salary for many of us - a mere 20 "moat cleans" for some MP ...

Why not just forget the football and just play it out as a board game - "Monopoly" with the non-league "add-on" ... or if you're a potential non-league football club sponsor, I'd go for "Risk" instead !

Still cr*p at work by the way - look out for the "State of the Nation" posting late Thursday night ;-)

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