Monday, May 11, 2009

A Long Day ...

... left this morning at 0645 - home about 2200 - so much I should say about the day - in so many areas - trains OK - weather OK - beer expensive - and so on ... but I don't think I could do it justice at this late hour - y'know silly little things like men in ties with "New Mills FC" on my train - chatting to Rab and Peter in the "Crock of Gold" (and then getting enveloped by Whitley Bay fans !!) - the feeling of total awe/WOW when I came out onto pitch-side (God alone knows how the players felt when they ran out) ... and I met Eric Marsh (now if you know Waynes World ref Alice Cooper ... "We're not worthy..." - THAT'S Eric Marsh . and I believe it was a Nikon F2 Film camera as well ... respect !

I will do a bit more - plus getting some more pictures up (I've put a couple on the GNE message board site) - but tomorrow (OK today) sees a little bit more football @ Curzon Ashton - the Vodkat Cup Final twixt Runcorn Linnets and New Mills.

... maybe those "New Mills ties" will get another outing ....

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