Sunday, May 03, 2009

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It works now - Belper 0 SPS 1

I can only reiterate - a lacklustre performance - no bite up front and a strange lack of confidence - bordering on panic at times - at the back. SPS were first to everything - strange really as the last Belper game I saw was the home win against SPS when Belper were "in their faces" for 90 minutes - today it just wasn't there. It's one of those things I guess - I watched Mossley lose on Wednesday to a team two leagues above ... but they gave their all. Today I feel that the true Belper fans could not say the same about their team .... don't want to get too controversial - I am an outsider after all .. but I've seen many better performances than that this season.

Let's just hope that it's another piece in the DAndy Mansgement "jigsaw" - viz last season the Derbyshire Senior Cup ... this season the Unibond Play-Offs ... next season world domination and a trip to the FA Cup 4th Round ?? When you look at it that way, you can/should feel good. Hopefully the nucleus of the side will stay at the Meadows (word I got from Friday night's presentation "bash" was that ... they will) - and next season will be "Step 3" in the "DAndy Five Year Plan".

What I HAVE forgotten are all the other results today ... a "bridge too far" for Curzon Ashton as they went down 4-1 away at Newky Brown Star (atendance of 0 according to that pile of cr*p called the "Unibond Leage Match Console"), but Ilkeston have made it to the Blue Square (at this moment I daren't say North or South - you know what it's like in football "AdministrativeLand" !) with a 2-1 win over Nantwich after extra-time with 10 men (yep I was getting regular txt updates courtesy Nosmo !) Should come North really .. which opens up Stalybridge, Droylsden and (maybe) Hyde (see my earlier mention of "AdministrativeLand" - see what occurs re Kings Lynn)..

Is that my last game of the season ... well actually no ... I leave it at that for now !!

And one final rant - you've (hopefully) read the missive below ref the "bump" and the car insurance "kerfuffle" - well I get home and Mrs Smiffy tells me that the "courtesy car" people have rung up to say "We haven't got any cars left to give you one ..." - what the f**k is that all about - some people are going to get some serious sh*t over this ... our "long trip to Yorkshire" is naturally "off" (no car) ... and then it's Bank Holiday Monday (there would have been a motorway queue somewhere that we would have wanted to join - !!) and then Mrs Smiffy needs car for work on Tuesday ... and you thought car insurance was a comfort - don't know yet whether to blame Direct Line - I reckon it's down to the incompetent courtesy car "suppliers" - they're called "DriveAssist" - and they don't ......

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