Thursday, May 14, 2009

Music/Politics ... NOT football rant !!

.. a welcome change (??) after a hectic few weeks of "Strictly Football" !!

Sat in front of the telly watching "Green Day: From the Beginning" on 4Music ...and thoroughly enjoying it. One thing about the satellite music channels - there ISN'T one called "MusicFilms" or equivalent - there are loads of music films out there, and it would be marvellous if they had their own dedicated channel. Films I would tout for would be stuff like "Woodstock", "This is Spinal Tap", "Still Crazy", "Once", "Monterey Pop" - even "Abba - The Movie" is preferable to watching dozens of crap music videos on the "Crap Music Video Channel" or whatever. I'd even be tempted to subscribe to said channel if MoneyManiacMurdoch were to set it up (be much nicer to see "VHMusicFilms" or something similarly cheap/free !).

Anyway we've done the Green Day back catalogue - and I still like the "American Idiot" stuff .. I know many people didn't due to the political stance. They thought GD were jumping on an anti-war bandwagon - so bloody what ?? The music was still good (what's wrong with a concept album/opera style - worked for many bands previously) - and think ... an American band going anti-American - strange that GD seemed to get less flak than others - the Dixie Chicks got some fearful press/hate/boycotts for espousing the same views ... and I'll be honest, the vid for "Wake Me Up when September Ends" still brings tears to my eyes - just sums up the total futility of war - even an illegal war - and the sh*t that death/murder will cause. Many years before Green Day (i.e. "When I were a lad") there were loads of bands/artists on the anti-war stance - don't see it as jumping on a bandwagon ... more as expressing a feeling, a view ... we've all got them ....and it's good that certain people/groups etc with "influence" can use it.

And if any MP comes round to my door during these Euro-elections I will certainly expressing my views - and naturally handing over a bagful of receipts that I have been saving up for whichever of the thieving b*st*rds turns up. It's worth noting that up to now we've only "uncovered" the thieving antics of the 650 crooks down House of Commons way .... I await with interest the figures from the Euro-MPs ... you know as well as I do, that they're all p*ssing in the same pot - and if I meet that Hazel Blears in the flesh I won't be waving a cheque in her face - she - and all the other crooked b*st*rds should be facing jail terms - it's always the rich who get away with it - and yes I count £64,000 (before expenses etc ..) as rich - just don't get me on those (even richer) tw*ts like Ferdinand or Ronaldo who appear incapable/unable to find a legal parking space/pay parking fees in the Manchester area - they're up there with the MP s as far as I'm concerned ...

We seem to have moved away from music ... and football is miles away at the moment (although I believe Millwall have "done" Leeds, looking at the Facebook 'comments' !!!) ... we're now onto the "Green Day @ Abbey Road" playing some old stuff and some more off the new album - that's where our Michelle should be working .. unfortunately, unlike football, "promotion playoffs" don't exist in that biz !!

Quick music update - just seen the Paula Abdul video for "Opposites Attract" - not seen that for many many years - cracking vid and a cute little tune as well !

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Anonymous said...

I would willingly pay to watch perhaps the greatest Rockumentary ever: 'The Rutles'