Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings ......

.... Jacqui Smith is NO RELATION - another thieving bar steward prepares to bite the dust - no doubt after sorting out out suitable pay-offs etc etc. For me the only "slight" worry this week is that the reaction against all these thieving bar stewards in the House of thieving Commons will - for many - be to end up voting for the Fascists on Thursday - well that's a step in the right direction isn't it ?. In days gone by I could never understand how so many people would say "Conservatives are cr*p - I'm voting Labour this time" or vice versa ... let's swing from far left (right) to far right (left) - naturally these days it's not so obvious (viz they're ALL slightly right of centre and all p*ssing in the same pot !) - so a vote for the fascists is going from right to ............................ whoaaaaa !!!

"Six Tames Sides" advises all to vote Green, Independent,
or at a pinch LibDem (not too many stories of LibDems with their noses in troughs - yet). UKIP, No2EU ... just watered-down Nationalists really.

But wait .. you didn't come on here for a PPBroadcast - did you ? Football ? A meeting up at Mossley Social Club next Tuesday - sounds ominous purely because of the lack of "official feedback" - the phrase being used is, "They're not sure what's going on" - that wears a bit thin ... THEY SHOULD - THEY RUN THE BLOODY CLUB (the caps lock equates to "angry shareholder" there ... !!!)

What else - a babycam "clear-out" reveals this motley bunch .... A neighbour's washing line - Man United all "washed up" after last Wednesday ...

Last Friday's barbie in back yard ....

Back yard looking cheerful in the good weather ...

Tonight's beautifully presented salad platter(constructed by moi !!!)

Just gone wild on EBay - they offered me a "£4 off" voucher - so I bought a £3-99 (dodgy ?) DVD - Barrow v Stalybridge Celtic Play-Off @ Burton Albion last season - I'll be looking out for me behind the goal !!!

And talking of "behind the goal" ... it's time for a little bit of self-indulgence - piccie courtesy of Martin Keaney - taken "down south" on the 10th May 2009 ....

... come the "moment of doom" at the "Tower of Doom", I'll need stuff like this for the CV !!

(and for the foodies ... we had Tiger bread, dolmades, hummus, spinach falafels, salami, chorizo, hard-boiled egg, olives, cucumber, onions, mature cheddar and feta !!!!!)

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