Thursday, June 11, 2009

24 Hours Later ... Mossley revisited ...

... well that meeting certainly started something !!!

Whilst fervently sticking by all that I said last night (although SJNR in his usual erudite way came up with the "phrase to kill for" .... as in "borderline anarchy" !!!), it appears that some of the "gobby ones" (as I so "non-eruditely" put it !) are getting things going. No doubt the comments below the previous thread will have been noted by you the listeners ... and all I can say is "Go for it !"

So a meeting next Tuesday at 1930hrs to form a new committee to move things forward - obviously there's still the small problem of the £21,000/administration/liquidation, but with what I've heard (via "gob" last night !) and read (via stuff today), Kevin from Mossley Juniors is going for this big style - and he will have my full support, no doubt about that (think - even this tiny website gets 1,500 hits a month, so any [free !] publicity is ...).

Going back to my Tuesday post for a minute though - my wallet has to remain firmly in my pocket - and having "been there done it" in the past (committee member in the Les Lawlor/Steve Fisher dynasty - programme editor for many years), it maybe, just maybe IS the right time for some new blood, some new ideas, some new energy - and in the last 24 hours, Kevin seems to be supplying that by the bucketful. Good to see that it's some of the Mossley Juniors crew who are picking up the baton (hence my "strangers" quote last night - I only know "Wayne the Train" !) - they've certainly had a pretty raw deal for many years up at Seel Park (deffo used and abused by "certain people" in the past purely to get grants, publicity and the like ...).

So ... action ... and out of negativity comes some "plus stuff" - fingers crossed that the momentum continues ...



Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Your website is amazing and you get loads of traffic, its really informative.

Whats the chance of a buy us a beer sort of paypal button, where everybody buys you a pint for your effort/ and 50% goes to mossley afc and you just have a half instead.

Or just run it for a month as a promotion for Mossley afc or even Mossley Juniors(which we would accept for the kids with open arms)

Just a little ideal of generating a little coin.

Look forward to seeing your next tuesday,

Kevin aka Gob

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Forgot to say thanks for link to Mossley Juniors website.

It's appreciated as any free traffic does help our little outfit.

You may of had this on before and Mark Pocock web guru may have already said thanks.

But as I only found your site recently, I thought I would say thanks anyway, it all helps,

The saying I trying to get around is "the more we tell the more we grow"