Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Mossley Crisis Meeting"

Here's the "late view" - you may get more sensible/ more thorough stuff elsewhere ... but ... hey ...

...well that was "interesting" to say the least ...

Crux of the matter - £80,000 to run the club through a season ... but ...

... we owe creditors £21,000 at this moment in time ... and the obvious options are administration (Ok minus 10 points - live or die with that) or liquidation (far more dangerous as Council own ground - and it's prime housing tackle)

The club was strangely full. After the first 20 minutes or so, the phrase that came to mind for me was "Many strangers with very big gobs" - rather than saying "Hey I don't come here often - I've heard about the problems - I've a business in Mossley/local - I'd like to help", it was more "Why are you so crap ? What's your plan, what's your plan, what's your plan ???" Good to start with some total negativity/"in your face" type stuff, whilst many there were saying "Who the f**k is that gobby tw*t ?". And then the "Mighty Councillor Etchells" (Mossley Raving Loony Party") stands up - with prepared speech in hand - might have had a quick meeting at Tameside Council today, but can't recall seeing him on any wet Tuesday last February ..... yep another mouth with no real interest in the 1500 - 1645 part of a Saturday - but happy to discover a stage to mouth off....

An impassioned speech by John (prog man, webmeister, man with Mossley history) was greeted with applause ... but was followed by "How often do you drink in here" by some stupid stupid woman ... well done you twonk ! And after that we ended up with the Mossley football (viz every Saturday/Tuesday etc) arguing with the "I drink here on Sat night / Sunday etc etc" crew - yep it just got silly - rather than the two sides thinking "You do the football, I'll do the social drinking", it just degenerated into b*ll*cks. I then took "time out" for a pint in the "Highland Laddie" because I could see this "unstructured" meeting was going down the pan. I returned to find that people have written stuff on a piece of paper (idea being to set up a committee) .. and that's about it really ........ gosh !

Really felt for those on the top table (Mick and Mark) - they got "lumbered" with this "directorship" cr*p by the previous incumbents (who I feel were looking for the club to die - grudges in the Rigby family ?? I wonder ....) and then they get attacked by total strangers - my only hope is that these "gobby ones" will put their money where their extraordinarily large mouths are ....

The football fans and the drinkers ought to be able to work together (failure tonight mind) - but .. being honest .. the club still need a "sugar daddy" - but a "sugar daddy" with not just financial clout, but a bit of "how to run a football club" clout as well. And I may seem to have been knocking the "strangers" - far from it .. that is probably the problem as I mentioned yesterday "same people more money" - the club needs the strangers/new peeps to pass on the money, whether through match/ball sponsorship .. or more...

As to the mouthy ones ... faces clocked ... we will await ....


Anonymous said...

I was probably one of the gobby ones, sorry about that, but we came from mossley juniors, and thats why we heard late club was in trouble..

I think today has been an action

I set up Twitter today @mossleyafc, set up for people to subscribe for news, then redirects to mossleyweb

true supporter nonesense, well it was.

A lot of strangers were there which is great.

Throwing money at something has not worked in the past and will not work in the future, having a proper team in place and run for the community for the community you got a better chance.

Saying that

There will be a meeting at Seel Park on Tuesday 16th June - 7.30 pm to form a new committee to assist with the running of Mossley AFC. All those interested in serving on this committee will please attend. Please email to confirm if you are attending. All those who have already given their names in will be contacted at the earliest opportunity.

So more has happened in a day than three weeks, so pretty happy to be gobby, and not two bothered my cards are marked.

Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, you always going to have a meeting with tension, the main reason is all the gossip that has come before the meeting. .
Was the meeting for ?
is it for shareholders?

No officials there?

People did not really know why they were ther and what was point of meeting thats why people had clashed, have to say after first 30 mins meeting was very constructive.

Names were passed on a paper as the locals looked at the the problem come up with a solution, and got the arses into gear, hence the scrap of paper, we did not expect to be fighting for survival.

We have now got business owners, proper accountants, people that re strucute business all coming to the the first meeting, from all the chaoas real positives have appeared. And more important the volunteers that are re motivated to be back at the club.

With Councillor Etchells there without his high vis was a dissapointment but however you see it without his voice on council we don't really have a chance of getting lease assigned to the community.He has got more chance of inroads just to get a meeting than we have by trying to get foot in door.