Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday Night &Thursday Morning

... running on battery so ...

Little - if any - comeback from the "official" meeting after the meeting last night @ Mossley - no doubt minutes need to be typed up and approved before unleashing anything to the "hoi polloi" as Trimm Trab calls them ! Fully understandable as well (Mossley's answer to Hansard - i.e. "Frosty" - posted a note very late (!) - fingers crossed for some "product" later in the week - I'm sure there are many out there watching and waiting).

So ... I could grumble about trains maybe ? Late this morning meaning late to work (it's a bugger at around 0800 in Man Picc - end up with nearly 40 minutes to wait for the next train to Cheadle Hulme - and they call it peak-time/rush-hour ? I had time today to nip into the caff outside Piccadilly Station (Antonios) and have a full £3 brekkie - hit the spot !) ... but being honest there's been very few probs on the rails recently. OK the thunder/lightning/flooding kerfuffle on Monday caused some grief but "Acts of God" vs proper earthing ? You decide...

Ticketline have cocked me up tonight however ... booking tickets for DragonForce (December @ the Academy) tonight, a very very poor connection/crash has seen me end up with four rather than two tickets ! More fingers crossed for a refund on one of the transactions ... no probs last week when getting the Offspring tickets for August - first time tonight that the "new" Ticketline site has caused me some grief.....

Watched "Days of Glory" tonight about the North Africans fighting for the Free French in WW2 - a film to recommend - and I'm looking forward to picking up a copy of "Anvil" from HMV later today (Thursday) - a sort of "Spinal Tap" - but real (must admit I'd never heard of them - Canadian apparently) !!

And on Spotify - check out Soldat Louis .. a sort of Breton Pogues (awful album covers mind !).

And it's also "goodbye" to our house chameleon who died today - he/she was only little (two inches ?), and they're a touch trickier to look after than the bigger lizard buggers we have .... never got a decent photo of him/her either ...

Work is still crazy (thank heavens for some consistency in life !) - my first major balls-up as Lotus Notes "guru" arrived today - ran an agent four weeks ago against the wrong project database and overwrote a stack of data - whoops - thank heavens for backups and archives - still leaves me with a "bit of a job" putting it all right tomorrow. No defence, but I'm amazed it's took four weeks for this to be discovered - especially when weekly reports are being issued to client based on this data ....keeps me off the streets for now anyway (no doubt if I don't sort it, I WILL be on the streets !!)

One final point - I notice that this site has just had its 50,000th visitor since it was set up back in August 2006 - not many in the great scheme of things, but ... cheers me up - many thanks to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Well done on the 50,0000 visitor.

Next target 100k??