Monday, June 08, 2009

Latest from "Crisis Torn Mossley"

...this bloody meeting has been arranged/not been arranged / informal shareholders / "clear the air - all welcome" /on Tuesday / on Wednesday / not confirmed / on / off / in out / vote BNP / vote with your feet /trousers/hair ... sad to see - nay laughable.

We spend our Sundays reading about teams going bump / in admin/ in crisis / in vitro .. whatever ... the latest from up the hill is .....

There will be a meeting for all interested in the future well being of Mossley AFC at Seel Park this coming Wednesday evening at 8pm.

It is vital that everyone who cares about the club's future attends this meeting!

Good choice of day/time I guess, what with the mighty Ingerlund kicking off 15 minutes later against the power that is ...... ANDORRA !!! Probably equates to having the Veggie Society AGM at KFC.

Announcement says little as well - who's "on the stage/agenda" etc etc - reading back through the Mossley Message Board, there's been more organisers of this fabled meeting than this country has elected BNP MEPs !!

I'll be there from the start (camera ? maybe - this new flashgun needs a night out) - but you can guarantee that Mrs Smiffy will confiscate all cheque books/plastic/direct debit options - so if it's purely a "preach to the converted - and ask same people to put hands in pockets - yet again" ... I'll adjourn to watch the second half elsewhere.

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robin said...

You are not alone at Seel Park with timing issues... I recall Ashton United holding a meeting about the groundshare issue on a Wednesday when United were playing in the Champions League in 1998 - fortunately it was a boring 3-3 draw with Barcelona so nobody minded missing it!