Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On your bike Blears .....

.... slowly but surely, the thieves are falling on their swords - Ms Blears especially picks her moment just before the Euro-elections ... she's obviously made enough "cash" to cope with "life after eccies" and b*ll*x to you all. (Emily Pankhurst must be turning in her grave..) So.. Gordon Brown to go ?? Anyone out there think of an adequate stand-in in the Labour Party ?? Diddy David Cameron as a ready-made Tory replacement ? ... my *rse ... (p.s. the leader of the Liberal Party is .... errr ... Ming .... no he was in Flash Gordon ... errr that bloke out of "Last of the Summer Wine" .. yeah yeah .. Clegg that's him)

What a bunch we've got ... never mind, look on the bright side - over in the good ol' US of A, Barack Obama has finally shed his "vote me in" persona and jumped into Dubya's coat ... at least we know what to expect over here (see the "all p*ssing in the same pot" from last night).

With the Euros upon us I can only offer ... (if you can get it to work !!)
purely in the interests of democracy (unlike themselves)

I'm fairly certain there are some other parties available to mark your X .... you choose ....


Anonymous said...

Nosmo Kings Real Ale Party my manifesto is free real ale to anybody called Mr Mike Smith

Mike Smith said...

Unfortunately said party were not on my voting paper tonight Ian !!!!

Otherwise ....... :-)