Sunday, June 21, 2009

I've been lazy ....

It’s been quiet on here - time off blogging for good behaviour … so all you get today is the ramblings of a lazy git who hasn’t snapped at all this weekend (apart from one below) – no football – not cricket – no British Grand Prix either (my Dad had the monopoly on that option … all weekend !!) – see Button failed mind – a Brawn/Brain thing maybe ?

I say lazy – dropped son, girlfriend and cat off at Manchester Piccadilly, before me and Mrs Smiffy went for a “bit of a wander” this afternoon – after the receipt of the Fathers Day thingies – a beer set (!!), a book to write camera stuff in … and the “Anvil – The Story of Anvil” DVD (yep that one I “mentioned” earlier in the week … success !).

A gentle five miler up the canal to Uppermill – and back to Mossley via the bridle path. Stopped off at the recently re-opened (a couple of weeks ago) “Roaches Lock” pub – naturally it’s gone for the gastro first – plenty eating both inside and out. Didn’t really check out the menu (minted lamb waiting at home !) - beer selection not that much different from the previous incarnation – same leaseholders, same beer list/cartel I guess. A pint of “Bombardier” and a half of “San Miguel” = £4-18 …….. sat outside looking up at the St Johns church spire which is covered in scaffolding at the moment ...

– one of those “Eureka” moments – the immortal “Church Spire Fund Thermometer” is famous throughout the land – why don’t the Church of England (Central Branch) use some of their copious moneys to train a crack – nay elite – squad of scaffolders/spire repairers to cover the entire country ? Having the monopoly of the entire CofE “portfolio”, costs could be reduced all round (although I guess doing an RC church on the day off could certainly be classed as a “foreigner” – or an “Italian Job” – ho ho !).

The next three weeks @ work will be interesting... Regular readers will know that due to various reasons (many of the knee-jerk variety but hey .. ) the Department of “9 + boss” is now down to “3 + boss” – and one of the “elite 3” has this weekend scooted off to China for 3 weeks … overtime/nervous breakdown/violence beckons ?

Time for a bath …. !


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