Monday, June 29, 2009

Stuffed !

Yep .. got a Monday night "pass out" to watch the mighty Ingerlund take on Germany in the under 21s ....

The beer was good mind ("Railway" @ Greenfield was the choice of venue) ...

What can you expect playing one up front ?

We ended up playing games with names - German goals from Costa (Spanish ?), Orkil (Turkish) and two from Wagner (good German name .. first name Sandro ... aaargh !) ... hey that's entertainment ..

Grand weekend up Wharfedale way - an 11 miler on Saturday and a 5 miler on Sunday - and we had NO RAIN - pictures ... not really anything that jumps out ... can certainly recommend Howgill Lodge campsite though.

Pleas be aware that bloggy posts will be a little less regular over the summer due to lackof football/ideas/time.

Work still crazy as well so early starts/late finishes (especially while Johnny in China i.e. holiday). How can a failing company still contrive to employ so many "non-team players" - people who are only in it for their own ego/hourly rate etc - us "long serving lags" (loyal ? stupid ? I know where I stand) get really hacked off by the fly-by-nights... and I'm not talking about the obscene pay leaders either (given up on them) - just the "normal" workers who cannot understand the difference between "want" and "need", the definition of the word "priority", and the fact that most of them are desperately covering up for other people's f**k ups as well as their own. Look around the world ------ people get good pay-offs for failure (another cock-up on my part no doubt)... this just turned into not a ramble but a rant ... and at our place the lunatics have taken over the asylum ... going back to Beverley Hills Cop III now before I start to get REALLY personal ......

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