Friday, September 21, 2012

Food of the Gods ??

... went out last night for a meal - not just any old meal either - we went to Ramsbottom to sample the delights of Ramsons - which apparently is in the top 100 Restaurants in the UK.  A pre-arranged night out which for a number of reasons became rather subdued - the one story that I knew about which was followed by the news when we arrived that Roz, the partner of Chris (the owner) had died after a long illness.  It was a question of "the show must go on" ... and we all had one heck of a good meal (for info .. I had seared duck livers with wild mushrooms, bacon and marsala sauce; tagliatelle with oxtail and cardoncelli mushrooms; breast of grouse with red cabbage and ruby port sauce; finishing with chocolate fondant with white chocolate ice cream).  

It was a true gourmet experience ... it may well have been the first night that the place had re-opened after a trying couple of weeks - we will return. hopefully under happier circumstances.  Thoughts are with Farhad and Chris ...

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