Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Night ...

... and the weekend starts here ... for some anyway !

The upside is someone else is cooking tea  - still got to go to work at 0630hrs tomorrow though.  Football tomorrow is back up at Stalybridge for their game against Histon - last season I "got asked" by the "Cambridge News" to do a few photos of the game - and they did me proud in their Monday night Sports Supplement (I have a copy of the paper in my 'portfolio' !!) - so it's same again this season - last season's game was in November (pix here) - so hopefully this season ... a bit more light (!).  All a bit of a kerfuffle as they want the pix Saturday evening (not quite as bad as the "Non League Paper" who need 'em before 1830hrs on a Saturday ... when I'm still having a post-match beer - one reason why I've never made the "NLP" - apart from the fact I've never been asked !!!)

Still - fingers crossed for a sensible finish at work - and some half-decent weather - and a Mossley win at Prescot Cables (hopefully still smarting from their defeat by Ashton United last weekend in the FA Cup).  Ashton United are at home to Grantham Town tomorrow - and are holding their 2nd "SnapperFest" - if anyone fancies their chances check out the details here - I reckon it's quite unique as a day out - certainly don;t know of any other club who runs a similar event - all power to Jez for organising same !!

Other games tomorrow - Hyde FC are away at Lincoln - a bit of an early season "six pointer" this one as the Imps are just one place above the Tigers "down there" - fingers crossed that the impets from last week's 5-2 defeat of Hereford United continues ...  Droylsden head down to 4th placed Worcester City - having released popular 'keeper Paul Phillips this week ... it'll be a tough one.  Finally the FA Trophy begins tomorrow and Curzon Ashton are away at Goole AFC (hopefully still smarting from their defeat by Mossley last Saturday !!).

Plenty of football out there then - so get off your butts and out of the pubs (showing dodgy Premiership rubbish) - and support one of the local teams ... they need your money far more than those fat cats up at the top ...

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