Saturday, September 29, 2012

Front Page Photo ... again !!!

I DO like the "Cambridge News" - and it seems they like me as well.  Histon being Histon ... 'tis probably a bit too far to send reporter and snapper I guess. Last season I got the nod via Stalybridge Celtic (as in "Can you help out the visitors ?").  Suitably done and suitably rewarded with a nice spread  (Cambridge News 14Nov2011).

And so it was the same this season - and once again suitably "done proud" with a front page photo and inside stuff as well ...

Yes it was a couple of weeks ago - but a copy of the paper arrived this week - so it's "gloat time" !!!

... and while I'm in "gloat mode" ... get your teeth around this little number from tonight ...


... and this is just the left-overs !!!  For those interested (and if I note it down now I might remember what I did if I need to do similar !!) ...

Heat oven to Gas 6 - stick empty casserole dish in (sprayed with fry-lite) to warm up
Chop a couple of aubergines up into chunks and bung 'em in the casserole.
In a frying pan add diced lamb and olive oil and Greek seasoning (oregano,thyme, basil etc) and fry up until browned off a bit - chuck them into casserole dish.
 Slice potatoes - pop  them in another (warmed) roasting tin - cover with pepper - bung in oven
In same frying pan add onions and garlic for a few mins - then add chopped red pepper and a couple of mushroom and after a couple of minutes add a couple of chopped tomatoes - fry for a bit and then chuck into aubergine/lamb casserole dish.
Put a load of spinach into a serving dish and when spuds look "roasted" chuck them on top (they'll help to 'wilt' the spinach)
After about 35 mins add a few chunks of feta cheese and some olives to the main lamb/aubergine dish


Football tomorrow - hoping to get to Gigg Lane for the FC United v Mossley FA Trophy game - but work will dictate ...

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