Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why are self-employed tradespeople so cr*p ?

... or substitute "unreliable" for the "c" word if you like ... all the gear - top end mobile phones - but unable to organise a p*ss up in a brewery never mind their working week (often seems to have something to do with the "night before").  Meanwhile house still a bombsite - small boy kipping in front room ... bags of plaster sat forlornly waiting for a bloody plasterer ...

I could go on - dammit I WILL go on - got home from work to find note from Mrs Smiffy - "Gone for a sulk around Dovestones" - don't blame her ... not a brilliant day at work for me either.  I was under the impression that the Royal British Legion was a registered charity ... if so why the hell are they doing a mail-out to all addresses which consists of an envelope containing a small wooden cross ... 10 'slippery' envelopes = 8" thick - today I had to do over 220 of 'em ... as well as the normal "it's Wednesday so all the weekend EBay ordered stuff kicks in as regards loads of packets" - so bags were chokka.  That's NOT what I believe a charity such as RBL should be doing - no qualms with the motives - but either they're "better off" than most charities ... or they're going to have to sell a helluva lot of poppies to cover the cost.

Rant over ... time to cook tea - p.s. if anyone knows a good RELIABLE plasterer in the Mossley area - let me know (although the one we have - or don't have at the moment - came from a recommendation as well !!).

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