Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Mossley v Clitheroe - Late Shout

... Mossley lose 3-2 ... and were damned unlucky I feel.  A first half that had everyone thinking "This is SOOO good" - should have been more than 1-0 at half-time - then it all went Pete Tong.  However I'm sure that the Clitheroe equaliser should not have been.  It came from a Mossley free-kick which was blocked by a defender, Where I was standing the ref started to raise his hand to blow because I'm sure the defender was NOT 10 yards away.  However that's as far as the ref's hand went because the block was followed by a breakaway by Clitheroe which led to the equaliser.  However that's my view on that.  Some sloppiness - and then it was 3-1 to the visitors.  Credit to Mossley though - they came back with a vengeance but were unable to get it back to level terms ... BUGGER.  Still - can't knock Clitheroe .. they look a useful side (and it was nice to see Royf in the pub pre-match - and then Chris "Lions Den" on the terraces - always been a good crack 'twixt Mossley and Clitheroe over the years - long may it continue !!!).

No time to go through all the pix tonight - I've got to get up at stupid-o'clock tomorrow to get to the Builders Warehouse at opening time (i.e.0630hrs) to get some more bags of plaster for our "plasterman" - and then head off to work afterwards.  However here's one that "jumped out at me" after I'd taken it (you always get that feeling) - Benji Richardson "getting involved ...

Promise some more tomorrow - I feel I'm starting to get comfy with the new lens - dropping the shutter speed down as low as 1/320 second - and getting results.

Bear with me ...

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