Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rain - Work and Play !!!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty grim to say the least rain from start to finish - I remember when I started this job I was told by one of the trainers that you might get 5 or 6 days a year when it rains from start to finish of your walk - this year it's probably been 3 times that number ... and we're only in September !!

So - Tuesday - home, dried off and found out that the Hyde/Alfreton game had been called off - fair enough.  HOWEVER it had been announced that the Ossett Albion/Mossley game was ON.  Rung Ossett to check at about 1730 to be told "The Ref arrives at 1830 but we're confident" ... so a quick trawl of saw me heading off to Dewsbury on the 1817 from Mossley.  Time for a quick pint at the Dewsbury buffet bar before heading off to Ossett - it was STILL raining by the way !!

"I want a brolly !!!"
Game on - and by half-time the only team playing football were 2-0 down -  football's great to watch, and Mossley were looking really confident on the ball ... but it's goals that count and it was the home side that provided the finishing.  However it was all change in the second half with Mossley getting backon terms before losing Ashley Young to a (deserved) red card.  Not that this fazed 'em - a Kayde Coppin penalty made it 3-2 before Ossett made use of their numerical advantage to squeeze a late equaliser by a totally unmarked Darol Lucas ... and then they hit the bar (now THAT would have been totally undeserved).  A good point gained in the end I reckon - and not having seen Mossley for a few weeks - 9th September to be exact - it was good to see that the early season promise is continuing.  Pictures from a wet Ossett night can be found at

Ossett Albion 3 Mossley 3

Journey home was eventful - got back to Dewsbury - time for another "quickie" before the train arrived ... it was late ... and got later ... so I arrived in Huddersfield at 2309 - the last train to Mossley left at 2305.  Fortunately as it was Northern Rail's fault, they were obliged to get me home (and also the poor Everton fan who was trying to get to Marsden) - a taxi was summoned - eventually - and instead of arriving home at 2330, I got back to Mossley at about 0045 hrs (and had to be up for 0545 this morning !).  All good fun ...

A touch drier at work today - although after I'd finished it started to chuck it down while I was doing the shopping ! Hey ho - believe the worst is now definitely over for this week.

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