Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Histon - Pix

... if you're a Histon fan ... my bunch from today ...

Stalybridge 2 Histon 1 - Histon Pix

Obvious reason for the "quick turnaround" is press deadlines - sounds cute doesn't it !!!  This lot has been swiftly sent down to the Cambridge News for perusal - and hopefully inclusion in their Monday "Sports Edition" - well some of them maybe !!  Hopefully they know the players - OK I got a team sheet - but numbers on shorts should be mandatory !!

More later - including the 89th minute winner from Jack Laird !!!

UPDATE - OK - so later meant Sunday morning - just (although the link's been on the Stalybridge website since 0200hrs this morning !!).  Just been "blitzing the house" - first taking the recysling to the "dump" ... also we're having a lot of plastering and re-plastering done which has involved emptying rooms, stripping walls (and bits of walls falling off etc - 'tis an old house !) and there's been bits of wallpaper being trampled all over the place - even had to take the Dyson apart this morning !  Still - it's liveable-inable for a while now.  Anyway - I'm rambling - there are a few duplicates with the above (Histon) set but - hey ...

Stalybridge Celtic 2 Histon 1 - Rest of Pix

Next job(s) - shopping for food, checking out carpets and buying a new toilet seat (wow !!).  We had ummed and aahed about going to the Ramsbottom Folk Festival today (because Set Lakeman is on) - but the weather forecast is not brilliant for afternoon/evening - and as it's an outdoor bash at Rammy Cricket Club, it might turn into a mudfest later !

Note once again that the Mossley v Curzon Ashton local derby set for Tuesday night is off yet again thanks to a Cup Replay for Curzon (they drew 1-1 at Goole yesterday)  The FA Trophy games yesterday gave Mossley a chance to go top of the league - which they took with a 2-1 win at Prescot Cables.  I rather stupidly tweeted "top of the league - first time this century ??" - before being reminded that they won the league in 2006 ... it just seems SO much longer ago than that !!  Defeats for Hyde (2-3 at Lincoln) and Droylsden (1-2 at Worcester) and a 1-1 home draw for Ashton United against Grantham Town completes the "Six Tame Sides" set for yesterday (hope the "Snapper Competition" went well at Hurst Cross - looking forward to seeing the pix !).

Football for the week appears to be the Curzon/Goole replay tomorrow night (can't see anything else in the "Non League Paper" fixture list - in fact even this replay isn't there !).

Let's go do stuff ...

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