Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Manchester United "XI"

... and I've put the "XI" in apostrophes because I believe there's something about using the phrase "XI" where Man U are concerned - honest !!

A comfy day at work meant I had time to prepare some tea for the troops (an "experimental effort" involving leeks, peppers and bacon in a white wine sauce, mixed in with par-boiled cauliflower topped with cheese and very thinly sliced potatoes and slung in the oven - seemed to work  - possibly over-complex on the tastes - but it all got eaten !!) and trundle down to Stalybridge at my leisure.  Even had time for a quick snifter at the Buffet Bar to see old friends etc.

The game - to be honest I was expecting a glorified training session, but the 1000+ crowd was treated to a very even game.  United were first out of the blocks, taking an early lead through Machedo.  However Celtic were certainly not overawed and grabbed an equaliser 10 minutes later when Austin latched on to a long ball and put it away.  The second half saw chances at both ends, but Celtic took the lead through Sherriff (strangely enough from another "long ball" - got these Reds sussed !!!).  United should have equalised right at the death - but they didn't (!).  P.S. It got bloomin' cold as the evening went on - time to start putting things in bag I reckon.  All in all - a much better option than "couch potatoing" whilst watching England "B" struggle against Ukraine (I've put the "B" in apostrophes because I believe there's something about using the phrase "B" when talking about the national squad involved in a World Cup game). Some pictures from the evening at

Stalybridge Celtic 2 Manchester United 1

Certainly paid for that "comfy day" today - it was yuk !!! Rain rain rain all day long - only stopped when I finished - too late by then ... not just soaked to the skin more to the core.  Looks a little better for the rest of the week mind (as in "no rain" !) - just hope everything dries out before 0630hrs tomorrow morning.

Nice to see Belper Town putting one over their more illustrious (as in higher league) opponents Matlock Town in the FA Cup Replay last night- they now get a crack at Ilkeston Town in a couple of weeks - certainly a game I would fancy if at all possible - y'never know (especially as I believe Mrs Smiffy needs to be in Belper on the 22nd September).

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Nortoner said...

Hope you can make it to Ilson Mike - don't think Snapper will be there! Summat about another wedding apparently!