Thursday, April 23, 2009

25 up .....

On April 23d 1984 .....Stafford Rangers beat Oswestry Town, Belper drew with Ossett, I'll be honest, I haven't a clue how Mossley got on (!) - Lionel Ritchie was at Number One with "Hello" ......

.... and me and Mrs Smiffy got married in that church right next to Belper's ground.

We had "the bash" back in February - the week in the posh Elizabethan manor house ...

..... tonight was a little more restrained - train to Greenfield, pint in the "Railway" and then walk into Uppermill for a meal at "Dinnerstone"

Lovely place, excellent food (impressive tapanade)... with a couple of little niggles - in the style of Chaopraya a few weeks ago the gap between finishing starter and main course arriving was ... well non-existent - this despite no apparent "second sitting" ! Extremely reasonable cost for two .. £45-70 inc beer/wine ... put £50 on the plate and the change came back ............................................... one pound short - now I was going to leave all the change anyway - may have been an honest error - but didn't look clever ...... however I will still recommend for the quality of the food mind ...

Tomorrow sees our Lotus Notes guru @ work leave for "more secure surroundings" - which leaves me in the slot - it's gonna be very very interesting over the next few weeks/months/(hopefully)years ...

Lotus Notes/E-Mail Administration
Lotus Notes various databases- Admin/Development
Smart Plant(MARIAN) Administration
Oracle Admin/SQL "guru" - yep I once opened a book !!
UNIX/Sun Box - Admin/Development for legacy Business Management System
Forest & Trees (reporting tool) Admin/Development
Microsoft Access Database Admin/Development

Plenty of hours in a day to cover that lot - but tomorrow after work we drink beer ....nothing changes in some areas of life then !!

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Nortoner said...

Congratulations on 25 years Mr & Mrs Smiffy!

On May 20th, me and the Duchess will have completed 37 years.... The Duchess always says that with good behaviour she would have been out on parole 10 years ago if she'd strangled me instead!