Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Efficient or Stupidly Late ??

Wakefield 0 Mossley 2 - we got there with 10 men playing uphill in the second half - and damned well deserved it - train night out for me - straight from work - pint of Durham White Lion in the Kings Head (Huddersfield Station) was tonight's "pick" - placcy glasses @ Wakefield and (I kid you not) only time to purchase four cans of Carling @ Leeds (10 mins change time and a fanny with the ticket barriers !!)

Anyway it's faaaaaarrrr too late to talk - pix at

(Belper have won too - and go second with Stocksbridge & Glapwell both losing ...)

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David Fox said...

Having looked at the latest photos its become clear to me that the new England kit is clearly inspired by that of Mossley