Sunday, April 19, 2009

Belper Town vs Stocksbridge PS

Early start on Saturday, leaving Mossley at 0730 to get an early start on Mother-in-Law's garden - all done before midday (fetching a ton of gravel and doing "stuff" with it - I now (Sunday 2130) have a bloody painful back !). All done allowed a couple in the "George" before onto the game between 2nd and 3rd in the Unibond South. Lovely weather and a very very healthy crowd !

Unfortunately Stocksbridge 'keeper Ben Scott contributed to his sides downfall with a couple of costly slips - although with the first Belper goal he certainly got a kick in the head from Wilson ! The ball then bobbed out to be returned by Ingall for 1-0. The second goal saw Scott horribly out of position - and lobbed accordingly by Rushbury. The start of the second half saw Stocksbridge show why they are "there or thereabouts" when Riley pulled it back to 2-1. However Stevenson put a sliderule shot between post and 'keeper to restore the two goal cushion for .... all of 5 minutes when Ward's cracking free-kick brought in back to 3-2. However the last minute saw total "comms breakdown" twixt keeper and defence allowing sub Barraclough to round the keeper for 4-2. Oh yes piccies - I had a few problems with the light and positions today - in fact at half-time I said something rude to the 70-200 and "went short" - you get a different view on the last two goals however from snapper Tim's pictures ...

Belper 4 SPS 2 - The Master

Belper 4 SPS 2 - Smiffy

One in club - one in George and one in Rifleman's to see Chelsea sneak past Arsenal .. back to M-I-Ls and ended up watching "True Lies" (again !) until God knows what time - a brisk walk "down the meadows" this morning - a bit more shuffling of plants, pots etc in garden before home and a jolly fish dish (made-up naturally - involved sherry and cheese and eggs and cornflour mixed in John Smiths bitter - I kid you not - and fish and pasta ..). A bath (which failed to improve back one little bit - d'oh !) - sort pix and now this ....

Tomorrow ... Glossop v Squires Gate ... or Curzon Ashton v Clitheroe ?? Reckon I should continue with watching "games important for play-off places" - just hope my back improves !

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Nortoner said...

Hey Smiffy - the SPS keeper DID get a boot on the head as your photos show - but look at Tim's picture of the same incident - the defender has a big handful of Ant Wilsons shirt and is actually pulling him off his feet. That's why Ant's foot finished up,where it did!

Mind you - if pens were given every time a shirt was tugged in the box, every game would end up about 9 all! (Nice pics on the forum by the way - hoping to post some of mine tonight.)