Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"Mugged at the Death" ..

... or Guiseley 3 Ilkeston Town 2 - after extra time - in the Unibond League Challenge Cup on a chilly, breezy evening on Curzon Beach (you had to see it !) Throwing the usual "it's very late" ticket into the ring tonight - not only extra-time but I've had to sort sort a few pix out for the "Ilkeston Advertiser" - who have a deadline of 0930 this very morn - eek - fortunately my training course doesn't start until ... 0930 ... in Ashton ! Here's a couple from tonight - I'll try to put a set together tomorrow night ...

A lo-res monochrome version of possibly the pic of the night (the hi-res colour version now on its way to Ilkeston !).

A question of "what might have been" - when Ilson hit the post in the second half ....

Until later today then, I remain your ......etc etc etc !

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