Monday, April 13, 2009

As Threatened .....

... not a ball in site !!!

The Football-Free Gallery !

Some stuff from Sat/Sun/Mon - that "zoo photography" is not that simple ... I guess going on the busiest day of the year doesn't help either !

Believe Mossley have put an "L" where there should have been a "W" - my spies tell me - awful. Belper have been stuffed 5-1 and Celtic have won with an oggie. Ashton United turn a 1-5 defeat on Saturday into a 5-1 win today. Hyde keep a lifeline open (BSN bottom)with a 1-0 win at Gainsborough and Droylsden keep a lifeline open (BSN top) with a 5-1 stuffing of 'ucknall. Finally Curzon Ashton have gone a long way towards getting that play-off place after going to Halifax Town today ... and winning.

Hoping that normal football service will be resumed this very midweek - meanwhile compare the meerkat - or rhea - or monkey - or whatever !!


Nortoner said...

When I looked at the grid of pictures Smiffy I thought "Jeez! There's some exotic wildlife around that Dove Stone Reservoir!!"

Chester Zoo - very nice - last year we thought about a trip there but it was about £15 to get in - so we didn't go!!

Mike Smith said...

Yep - it was indeed £15 each - with only one "student" it was just under £60 for four of us ....