Thursday, April 16, 2009

Football Last Night ...

... yep did the "glory hunting" down at Glossop (!!) - comfy 3-1 winners in the end although we had to sit/stand through a pretty turgid second half, which only livened up in the last 7 or 8 minutes with three goals (if there's any Abbey Hey fans out there - there were a couple at the game - I'm afraid I missed your goal as I was "closing down" for the night !!). Some pix at

Glossop NE 3 Abbey Hey 1

Not a bad crowd either - just one under 200 - considering "they" were on the box ... good to know that the FA Vase IS helping to increase interest at all games, not just the "big ones" - I had a couple of beers in the "Star" (Copper Dragon "Golden Pippin") before the game (yep that's after my couple in the Stalybridge Buffet Bar - Phoenix "White Tornado" - while waiting for the 237 bus !) - and there's certainly a "buzz" in there vis-a-vis Glossop North End - OK and West Ham too !! People will talk about "hangers on" and "glory hunters" - so what - if a few "stick" after the great Wembley party, it's a success - so the ground grading @ Glossop has I believe not made it to Unibond standard, but crowds of 200+ every game next season means money in the bank towards ground improvements - fingers crossed that the players stay loyal - 12 months on - who knows.

The "Six Tame Sides" team wish Glossop well - it would be nice to see them at Seel Park again - this time for a Unibond League game ....

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