Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Disgrace !!

... tonight at Boundary Park in the Manchester Premier Cup Final against (two leagues higher) Droylsden, Mossley gave their all.

They lost 2-1 ...

The pictures are uploading on t'other machine as we speak - time being time (I've been at the "post mortem" in the pub since we got back at 2230 - tis now 0020 !) means I won't get them "up" until this evening - be assured there's some good'uns ! Knowing Carl (Droylsden snapper) like I do, he'll probably do it tonight (!) - check out

The Droylsden View

We played soooo well - the thread title says it all - I leave now to return to t'other machine ...

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carlf18 said...

I can't sleep if I've not uploaded!!!!
Great to bump into you again fella! Keep in touch.