Thursday, April 16, 2009

WORLD FAMOUS - in Ilkeston !

... a bit of a follow-up from the Unibond Cup Final the other week - I "did my duty" and mailed the good pix to the Ilkeston Advertiser man - and today I receive my "complimentary copy" of the Ilkeston Adveriser - star date April 9th - one pic on the back page and two inside - all accompanied by the magical phrase "Photo by Mike Smith" - one for the CV !!! Oh and for those unable to get hold of a copy of said paper ... check out the Ilkeston Advertiser web site - here's a link ...

Smiffy gets pic on newspaper website as well !!

yep that's me .. shame about the result !!


Anonymous said...

Mike - are you sure it isn't a Mossley/Bamber Bridge photo recycled?

I am impressed, well done, as your mentor on Stuffed like.., I always felt you had potential.

Love Jools

Mike Smith said...

Cheeky bugger !!