Sunday, April 12, 2009

Football-Free Zone ....

... and will be tomorrow as well. After Good (?) Friday's rain-soaked efforts, it's been "time off" (lad's 21st on Saturday - otherwise it might have been Hyde v Droylsden) - also managed a "bit of a walk yesterday and today. Tomorrow sees "family stuff" involving Chester Zoo, so Radcliffe v Mossley is another "miss" .. midweek sees a couple of options - on Wednesday go to Hyde v Southport (and be accused of being a "ghoul" - could be relegated on Wednesday dependent on tomorrow's result) - or Glossop NE v Abbey Hey (and be accused of being a "hanger-on" ?!?!?). To round of a somewhat unusual week - Saturday sees a trip to Belper involving shifting a ton of gravel at M-I-L's garden - natch hoping to get it done before 1500 - yep, Belper Town v Stocksbridge PS - another "must win" for the Nailers in their quest for auto-promotion (and another "hanger-on" accusation for me ?!?).

Meanwhile - following three days of "Learn Lotus Notes dead quick" last week - another three days of same next week, before one day in work on Friday (crazy, but first day in work for 11 days - God only knows what's piling up .....).

Stick some pix on tomorrow night - gotta few from Sat/Sun - probably get a load of reptiles tomorrow !!!

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