Monday, March 30, 2009

Football Tonight ... not I !!

Droylsden have won, beating Kings Lynn (they're now starting to breath down Celtic's neck in the BSN) - Curzon Ashton have beaten Newky Brown Ale Blue Star - Curzon now ten points in front of Mossley ... and still an outside chance of the play-offs in the Unibond 1 North.

Me - going for the Wakefield v Mossley option tomorrow night .. train jobby straight from work and home for 2330.

Work - strangely "relaxed" .. our Lotus Notes Admin (Helen) left today - which leaves our Developer doing stuff till I get trained up (cus he's buggering off to Deansgate at the end of April - toad - 'twas probably "karma" which led James to "fall over" in the karaoke bar on Saturday night and smack teeth and nose to the ground - and NO HE WASN'T PUSHED !!!!!).

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