Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday - 2330 - Part Two

...some stuff from today's walk ... I fancied trying out some "long exposure" stuff - one day I'll actually learn the numbers rather than faffing about - anyway have a go at ...

Stainforth Force - 1

Stainforth Force - 2

Stainforth Force - 3

Must fly - it looks like seven shades of sh*t occurred at Stalybridge Celtic v Fleetwood Town yesterday - and earlier in the week I was singing the praises of a number of the "Cod Army" - looks like the "wrong 'uns" turned up as well - (and that's gonna put me in the poo as well - looks like I've been well let down - no-one's gonna trust my take on things up at Bower Fold again - are they ???).

Anyways ... it's a long thread and I'm down to my last two cans - expect "namoor" tonight ...

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