Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chaophraya 1 Tampopo 3

OK so in footy world it was Mossley 1 Durham City 3 - but first some eating hints ... Chaophraya - have always enjoyed going in there for a drink (the posh "underground chairs" work for me !) - but Friday night saw us eating upstairs - they were certainly in a rush to get us out in time for the next sitting - nothing but mither, mither, mither throughout the meal (which was very good mind ...). I much prefer the - ask about drinks - get food order - bring food - one quick check to make sure all OK - and then "Bugger off and leave us alone" sort of approach.

Saturday night saw a "Departmental Do/Wake" including nosh at Tampopo - which was just the way I like it - no frills - no mither - and equally good food (cheaper too !). After several more beers I even managed an "Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer)" moment in some karaoke bar in Chinatown ! Home - very late, hence my diatribe on the Mossley Message Board - now suitbaly "toned down" by both "Admin" and me !!!!

Diatribe ? Oh yes - football - Man of the Match was one Dave Storrie from Leeds - well he seemed to think so anyway - we can only assume that having the Channel M cameras there helped to decide which level of complete ineptitude this "official" was to adopt for the afternoon - oh yes forgot to say the redoubtable Mr S was in fact the referee ...

No complaints about the result - 3 down in 15 minutes - and then we began to play - the damage had been done by then however. Some pictures at ...

Mossley 1 Durham City 3

... and I'll leave it at that !


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