Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Celtic 7 (seven) - Hinckley 1

(I use the "videprinter option" for Rascal !!!) At last we have pictures ... and shock horror they're not as cr*p as I felt they were last eve .... got a shout on all 8 (sorry eight) goals so there !

Stalybridge Celtic 7 (seven) Hinckley United 1

Work remains poo - although a couple of e-mails I sent out have brought some interesting results - not from the Union (they seem to give as much of a toss as the bloody company themselves) - however I have replies from other areas - the company's refusal to actually recognise the union looks a bit iffy (even if the union is failing to recognise their own f**king members !!) - and the company option not to pay enhanced redundancy payments looks similarly iffy (we have an Industrial Tribunal ruling which could be seen as precedent ..). Staff Forum "charade" took place late tonight - we await ....

Football tomorrow - the "Jop Jameside Derby" (Manchester Premier Cup Semi-Final) between the "Lillywhites" (sic) and New Mills (Derbyshire) is still on at the mo - despite sun/snow/hail/everything under the sun today - we'll see.......

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