Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Night Off ?

Why the hell not ?? The "chop" was arriving @ work today for some of the "Agency" peeps - word was they've their normal 7 days, finishing next Friday (27th) - apparently word is out about a few full-timers as well - they obviously had their interviews and were "off the recorded" or slightly less than "vaguely hinted" - and they've been happy to "spill the redundancy beans". Obviously the real sh*t hits the fan on Saturday morning - even though it does sound like a fair number of people already appear to know their fate - and aren't afraid to talk about it.

Sat here watching Youtubes of Tunng and Tinariwen - found one of a "Tinariwen trio" playing in Sweden (people - and kids - keep walking in front of the video man - gits !) - believe tomorrow it's a Tinariwen threesome rather than the full crew (there are some other vids from same gig of the full band)- we'll see if it's the same three ... try this for size anyway

and for balance - here's Tunng doing "Bullets"

unable to find/get the Radio 3 "Late Junction" prog from Feb this year where the collaboration played three tracks I believe... we'll see how it fits together in 20 hours or so - babycam will be in attendance naturally !

I'm pretty sure tomorrow at work will be even more sh*t than the previous 37 days - just hope a) Rick goes for the bacon butties early doors and b) we finish as suggested at 1500 - and go to the rub-a-dub !! If this be the case we're down on the train and taking our chances with the sh*t public transport after 2300 from the "big city" ... and then it will be Saturday ............

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