Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday - 2250 - Step One

.... the pictures from the Chorley game (come on - since early message I've uploaded two lots of pictures cooked tea for three, eaten same, tidied up after, selected pictures (football set), tweaked and uploaded same - only 23 pictures rather than the expected 56 however ....

Pix at
Mossley 0 Chorley 1

Right team won - albeit in the 92nd minute ! Mossley keeper James Mann saved a pen, but could do nowt with James Mullineux's bullet header right at the death - I'm afraid Chorley created more up front and always looked more likely to score for pretty much the whole game - remember we "got out of jail" in the 95th minute against Clitheroe not that long back - so "touche" I guess - worrying thing is that's three on the bounce - with a Cup semi-final at Trafford on Tuesday night - over to "da management" to get the players up - but be assured that the fans WILL be there.

It's times like this - I'm glad that I'm not a "dyed in the (blue) wool" Stalybridge Celtic fan ...and I've still got to get on their board and "have a peep" (I'm expecting severe "flak" from Hyde fans, still brassed off from last Tuesday) - I'm sure I'll get on for a look before sleepy time ....

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