Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sod Work - Football Tonight

...OK last night !!! Keeping it short - it's ten to two (my theory being if I stay up late I may get 4 hours uninterrupted kip rather than the hourly "panic wake up" as described yesterday)

To football - Mossley have gone to Ossett Albion - and lost 3-0 - my half-time call said "we should be 6-1 up on chances" - but you've gotta put them away ...

Me - and 603 others - went for the local derby betwixt Stalybridge Celtic and Hyde United - pix to be found at

again not my best - but I claim "extenuating circumstances" at the moment - see previous posts - and posts to come I'm sure !!

A "feisty" first half - well controlled by the ref I thought - the red was apparently deserved (I was on the bloody phone at the time so - one eye, one ear, no lens !!) - there were accusations of retaliation - but I have to put my Arsene Wenger hat on and say "Je regarde rien" - or summat like that. Credit the ref - after that it could have been a "cardfest", but he used his nouse - good to see ! Celtic still have something to sort out at the back - like last Tuesday, until the goals went in, it could have been so different. A deserved win in the end mind - a crowd of 604 sounds OK - but this game should have happened on New Years Day where a four figure crowd would have been expected - curse the bloody weather (it has been the same for so many clubs who had their "local derby" game postponed over Crimbo - yep Mossley too !).

Think I'll stop there .............


Steve Shaw said...

Hi Smiffy

Would it be ok to use a couple of your photos on the Hyde website in exchange for full accreditation and a link to your blog on our links page?



Mike Smith said...


Help yourself sir - it's what they're there for !