Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mossley 5 Ossett Albion 3

My second game this week with 8 (eight) goals - although a fairer spread today at Seel Park ! Original plan today was to go to Belper with Mrs Smiffy to see bro-in-law Patrick who had a nasty accident last week involving a mitre saw, tendons and a bone (don't ask). However my "snapper fight" with Belper Tim at the Belper Reserves v Graham St Prims game (Nailers won 3-1 by the way) had to be shelved for a number of reasons (don't ask).

A lunchtime drink at Stalybridge Buffet Bar to say "Hi !" to the Alfreton fans on their way to Droylsden - (they lost 2-0 by the way - and Wozza was again conspicuous by his absence !) turned into a trip back to Mossley to watch a tale of two defences (eek !) . The "Belper Connection" was there however as we saw the return of Danny Toronczak in a Lilywhite shirt - who claimed an "assist" in Mossley's opener by Reece Kelly. Not that easy though - Osset are a tidy team who quickly went 2-1 up before Lee Blackshaw brought us level just before half-time. Playing "uphill" second half saw new boy Nathan Neequaye get the luck of the bounce against the Ossett keeper to make it 3-2 - however a penalty at the other end brought it back to 3-3. However 60 seconds later Thursday night's MOM Simon Wood went for the "distance option" and cleared Ashcroft to make it 4-3 before Danny T marked his return with a fifth. Still time for Mossley to miss a penalty as well ... but 5-3 against a "team above" ain't all bad - the "return" is on Tuesday night - I handed my "apologies for absence" note into the management (I'm "glory hunting" at Stalybridge Celtic v Hyde United). Here's a "little tempter" from today - I rather liked it so if you don't want to go elsewhere enjoy this pic of new boy Nathan Neequaye ..

Oh all right then - rest of the pictures at ...

Mossley 5 Ossett Albion 3

No walkies tomorrow with Mrs Smiffy being "daarn there" and me being "oop ere" - I'm going for the "relaxed" Sunday (i.e. clean up house, sort out washing, make exotic tea for later) ....

...and then it will be Monday - and back to the "Tower of Doom" ....................

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