Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MossleyTrafford - the "Dry Bits"

Yep - it took a while - pc playing up last night - everything soaking wet through - take it all apart - allow to dry - and put back together a 0645 this morning before heading for work.

Horrible horrible horrible day @ work today - Gordon finally left (it was me or him for the one remaining post) - and we've worked together for well over 20 years - not a lot you can say with a handshake, but I was rather upset - God only knows how Gordon was feeling ... t
he spaces are appearing in the car park as many of those with the "dark mark" call it a day - not only do we have the 70+ staff redundancies, but we also have over 50 contractors leaving early next week ......... what happens next we wonder .....

Back to last night's football for a minute - sweet revenge for the President's Cup defeat seven days earlier - although we did well to come out of it with a 3-1 win as Trafford must have rattled the woodwork more than three times !! Some pictures at

Mossley 3 Trafford 1

The weekend brings Durham City into town (assuming the pitch recovers from last night - it should do - well I have !!) - I believe me and Mrs Smiffy are out "doing Japanese" in Manchester on Friday night - and we have a works do in Manchester on Saturday night (be interesting to see who turns up for that ...). That'll do for now I feel ......

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