Thursday, March 12, 2009

A lot happens in 24 hours ...UPDATED

xxxxxxxxxxx there was stuff here last night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx but I decided xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx redundancy is better - financially - than the sack xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx even though NO company names were mentioned xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx ( told me that Dubai had been looking) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday = Mossley v Chorley, followed by nosh-up in Rochdale, staying over and walking on Sunday - so expect no random numbers until Sunday afternoon/evening (same will go for footy pix/report etc). Hope you can cope - never mind me ....! (Thinking it through - I could get something up before lunch on Saturday ... hmmm ....).

Meanwhile in a regular "clear out small camera" exercise ... I offer ...

A rather dodgy-looking beer pump (!!)

Platform 2 @ Stalybridge Station on Wednesday morning - a Hyde United effort from the night before maybe ??

Wednesday night @ the Buffet - a bit of a p*ss-take - but how about that for a "Pub of Dreams" - detail below ....

Yes we like Millstone beer ....!!

Enough for now - Twitter has kept me up to speed with Mossley's 4-2 defeat at Skelmersdale United tonight - bugger is the other operative word - what WILL tomorrow bring .......


Anonymous said...

my party


Mike Smith said...

I'm on me way !!!