Monday, February 22, 2010

Ashton United/Danny White Update

... well I was asked to do something !!

Step One of course is to head for Number 10 Downing Street - so an application to set up an e-petition under their auspices was forwarded to same yesterday. However I received the "thumbs down" this morning - apparently the petition was "Outside the remit of the Prime Minister and Government" - so the Government cannot reconsider a verdict from the judiciary - but the judiciary can reconsider - and overturn - a verdict given by a qualified person who was there at the scene of the "incident" (i.e. the referee) !

A lowering of sights was required - so I offer up the following online petition:

Like I have said elsewhere - I personally bear no ill-will at all towards the plaintiff in this case - I just feel that his course of action is WRONG given the potential repercussions to the entire semi-pro game - and unfortunately the "blame/claim" culture and the advent of "no win no fee" probably has a lot to do with his course of action - three years after the incident ? hmmm ...

If nothing else, we should hope this whole sorry state of affairs serves to focus the minds of clubs, players AND league officials AT ALL LEVELS on the areas of insurance/liability/disclaimers - although if we're not careful it could open the floodgates to claim after claim after claim ... this too (like the club/individual bankruptcy scenarios) could also spell doom to the non-league game ...

We can only try ...

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